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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

It's my first blog....hurrah!

yep, you might think it's kinda childish but I would honestly say that this "blog" thing somewhat makes me stupid...yep, you read it right! I dont even know how this thing really works but I'm gonna try to write a lot of interesting topics as I can.

For a start, I'm a filipina, a mom of 3 kids (5 yr old and 2 yr old twins) and married to a dutch guy. We are here in the Netherlands and I think that makes it interesting enough.

I love cooking and yes, living here in the netherlands made it quite difficult for me to cook all the filipino foods I love ( due to inavailability of some native ingredients though of course I use what's available here as an alternative) but Dutch food and all the other kind of foods that are available here --- from European to Asian Food --- satisfied me in a way.

I love baking too so I guess I have enough space for all the Recipes that I love (and most probably already tried myself). But since me and my husband are watching our health right now (dieting in short :)) --- there would be recipes which is"diet-fit", so, to all those health conscious people out there watch out for this section.

Of course, lot's and lots of pics......

see u all around and till next blog....