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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!

Snow in Holland....the very first time it snowed in Almere after christmas 2004 (yes, we did not had a white christmas).
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My kids loved playing in the snow...good thing I let them play that morning coz the snow did not last long..... Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Memorable pictures of people, places and events......that of 2004!

2004 is indeed a very colorful year for me (and my family as well)...lots of things happened this year, whether nice or bad still, I can say that it has been a fun year and I'm looking forward to next year and the years after that.

2004 started "big-time" when my Ate (what we call older sister in the phils) visited us here in holland last february--I have not seen her for years (coz we were not able to visit phils. for so long now) ...she stayed with us for almost 3 months and it was definitely a lot of fun, we visited a lot of places --- which made it more unforgettable not only for me but for her as well.

Amsterdam --- our first stop!

Central station in Amsterdam in which during that time was still under construction....busy, busy..... Posted by Hello

Paris....The most romantic place I've ever been to ---who wouldn't wanna go here? I've been a couple of times to France but not exactly here but in Disneyland-Paris. It's an incredible place --- we were not able to climb the Eiffel Tower though bec the line was really really long --- there were a lot of people in-line so, we just took pictures and proceeded to other places that we still wanna see.

Me and my sweet hubby! behind is the famous Eiffel TowerPosted by Hello

what a nice place to pose with my daughter :) Posted by Hello

With my daughter,sister and aunt--behind us is an outdoor skating rink near Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Posted by Hello

Monaco ....... It was indeed a very magical place especially for the rich and famous. With it's very high cost of living and the only place I've seen (yet :)) with lots of Porche (and all the other expensive cars you can name) driving on the streets, and don't forget the yachts and the houses on the hills. It was an unbelievable vacation for us in an expensive hotel and a helicopter ride from monaco to nice -france airport......Talk about Royalty!

Monaco..isn't it a beautiful site? breathtaking, I would say! Posted by Hello

Behind us was the Hotel we stayed-in when we had our short vacation in Monaco. Posted by Hello

A fountain near the Casino in Monaco. Posted by Hello

father and daughter ----taking a dip. What a nice way to relax! Posted by Hello

Birthdays....I will never miss it in the world. We make sure that we make it a special's an important day especially for the celebrant(s).

My daughter's birthday in school --- she's now 6 yrs. old. Posted by Hello

her birthday celebration with friends at McDonalds Posted by Hello

Having fun on her birthday.... Posted by Hello

My twin daughters' birthday party at home...they turned 3 last october. Posted by Hello

Christmas....we celebrated our christmas at home but we first visited our friend and had lunch there because it's her birthday --- yes, on a christmas day. It was a lot of fun --- great food and we get to see our other good friends....a great lunch! (the pictures here are taken today though --- 2nd christmas day here in holland)

with my "tweeling" (twins) Posted by Hello

Papa with his 3 girls Posted by Hello

posing with my kids Posted by Hello

I guess I'm not gonna make any new year's resolution this time.....I've been blessed with a great husband, 3 wonderful kids and with everything I have today (may it be small or big), I am truly thankful --- I just wanna wish my family good health and that we all stay happy together.

Goodbye 2004 (or should I say "thank you") and ....Welcome 2005!

Friday, December 24, 2004

It's Christmas Time!

It's almost christmas here in Holland but as I typed this, it's almost "Noche Buena" in the Philippines ("Noche Buena" literally means "good night" and traditionally refers to the Christmas meal after the midnight mass on Dec. 24. -- The food is served buffet style and then, family members exchange and open their gifts after eating together). Here, I still try to cook as many filipino foods as I can during christmas and make it special for the whole family and relatives who come to celebrate christmas with us.

Believe it or not, we have a 2nd christmas here in holland (they don't practice the eve of dec 24 --- The basic Filipino Christmas package is Christian, since the feast came with the Spanish conquest and Christianization. We borrowed customs from Spain -- the Belen, the nine Misas de Gallo or simbang gabi and very especially all the food of celebration) but I read that it's not only being practiced here but Germany, Scandinavia and Poland as well.

And because it's christmas, we have loads and loads of gifts --- for our family, relatives and friends ---- guess we will always play Santa every year :) ....Our kids are really enjoying all the gifts --- they feel pampered (from Sinterklaas until Chritmas) --- we don't really mind though.

I wish everyone a "Very Merry Christmas" and I also hope that It will be a happy one!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

The gift

Winter snow is falling down
Children laughing all around
Lights are turning on
like a fairy tale come true.
Sitting by the fire we made
You're the answer when i prayed
I would find someone
and baby I found you.

All I want is to hold you forever
All I need is you more every day
You saved my heart
from being broken apart
You gave your love away
and I'm thankful every day
for the gift.

Watching as you softly sleep
What I'd give if I could keep
Just this moment
if only time stood still.
But the colors fade away
And the years will make us grey
But baby in my eyes
You'll still be beautiful.

All I want is to hold you forever
All I need is you more every day
You saved my heart
from being broken apart
You gave your love away
And I'm thankful every day
for the gift.

>> It's a song for my husband, whom I truly miss and like what they say "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" --- it does and it makes me love him even more.

Our wedding picture.... Posted by Hello

For more than 7 years now of being together, I have always told myself how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband -- he has given me happiness (much more than I asked for), he has showered me with love (he is the sweetest person I know :)), he makes me laugh (yes, he always puts a smile on my face), and all the very single detail that makes him, him --- but above all, for giving me these 3 wonderful gifts, he alone is a gift I got from HIM.

3 wonderful gifts Posted by Hello

How time flies..they were so small then :) Posted by Hello

Thank you so much for the 7 wonderful years....I look forward for a much greater future together and with our kids --- for more more years! (hopefully until all our hairs are all grey and all our teeth have all fallen apart -- that would be a nice sight:)).

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas makes me smile

I remember when I was still a child, everytime I start seeing my parents putting up all the christmas decorations at home, it leaves a tremendously big smile on my face, yes I know, christmas is coming and it makes me happy -- it makes me smile, it is my most favorite time of the year not only because of all the gifts we receive but because it is during that time that we get to see all our family, relatives and friends --- it's a get together, a christmas reunion. The feast that is "Noche Buena" and visiting our "ninongs and ninangs" (godparents) and eventually going back home with loads (and tons) of gifts (which I would eagerly open :) ) --Yes indeed, it makes me smile. I guess i would never ever forget all the christmas(es) when I was still a child.

Today, Christmas still makes me smile, not only because of those happy thoughts but because I can see the same smile on the faces of my kids --- that same smile I had when I was still a child!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Down with Sinusitis

Yes, I'm sick that's why I have not been "blogging" for the past couple of days --- I have this sinusitis attack (which the last time I had it was a long long time ago -- I can't even remember anymore --- and now it's back!).

It has been bothering me for days and last night I had to go to bed really early because the pain is killing me and the only thing I take is a paracetamol to somewhat ease the pain (and yes, I have not been to the doctor yet ---- I'm a busy mom and I still have kids to take care of. (Oh well, according to Mom's 10 Rules : "Moms cannot get sick for more than a day" :)--- ok that's just one of the rules --- see the rest of the rules).

And everytime I try to move my head (in any direction --left-right, up-down), my forehead feels like exploding anytime --- I can tolerate so much pain (guess my hubby knows that very well --- just think about how much pain I felt when I gave birth to my kids -- they are all normal delivery (w/o epidural, huh) the first one w/ a forcep and then the twins, one of them, w/ a vacuum --- so, talk about pain :) --- ok, long story but believe me, it was painful ---but worth it especially when I look at my kids now :)).

So, in short, I'm just plain sick.....but I feel a lot better now after my early sleep last night.

Moms' 10 Golden Rules

Rule no.1 : The kitchen is only for moms --- dads, keep out!
Rule no.2 : Moms feed the kid(s)...she's the only one allowed to make/cook food.
Rule no.3 : Moms shld. do all the shopping and groceries as well.
Rule no.4 : Moms shld. take care of the kids when at home and wherever you are.
Rule no. 5 : Moms shld. not only take care of the kids, but, pets as well.
Rule no. 6 : Moms the only one allowed to breastfeed the baby (you bet!).
Rule no. 7 : Moms shld. bring & pick-up their kids to school.
Rule no. 8 : Moms shld. help their kid(s) with their homeworks.
Rule no. 9 : Moms shld. attend to all school meetings, functions and activities.
Rule no.10: Moms are not allowed to be sick for more than one day. (guess you know now why :))

Moms are unique....a superwoman!

>>> Ok I just made up these rules for a laugh so, to all moms out there, dont freak out! --- although there might be some truth to these, we still have to thank all our hubby(ies) for their share(s) in keeping our family together (a happy one, to note :)) --- they do give their share (and love) don't they? -- :)

So, better not take these rules seriously!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

My Holland version of ADOBO

I know that every filipino has their own version of cooking and preparing our native dish Adobo....being far from our native land, you should learn how to make the foods we love to eat when we were still in the phils. and try to make use of what's available in the country you're now in --- I for one is not really afraid to experiment with cooking until it taste almost the same (or much even better) than that of what we're accustomed to.

So, for all the nederland-bloggers out there, here's my adobo recipe using ingredients we can find here in NL (and the simplest one :)) :


Chicken or Pork pieces (or both, whichever you like)

3/4 cup Ketjap Manis
1 cup Vinegar
2 tsp Garlic powder
1 pc Onion
dash Salt and pepper (accdg. to taste)

Procedure :

Mix all ingredients and marinate overnight. Cook (covered) on a really low fire for at least an hour or when the meat is tender. Serve hot.

Ingredients (minus the onion -- which i forgot to include in the pic...oooppps :)) Posted by Hello

still busy cooking...dont forget to keep it covered! --- over low heat... Posted by Hello

tadaa! my cooked pork adobo ....(lekker met rijst!) Posted by Hello

Holland kids--- Christmas grocery finds

Here are some delicious products I found in the supermarket. They are nice for kids and with it's christmas theme, it will be something kids would indulge.

Ice cream cake for kids which they can decorate themselves...isn't that something? Posted by Hello

A nice xmas tree ice cream lolly (whatever :)).... Posted by Hello

Xmas fish sticks ...with a star and a xmas tree form --- a topper for kids. Posted by Hello