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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Yes it's december and Christmas is just a couple of (winter-ry) days away. It's already getting freezing-ly cold outside and I already have to wear a sweater inside the house --- I can still remember how cold I felt the first time I arrived here in Holland (which was a January, btw) -- I almost felt like dying (yep, and that's to the true(-est) sense of the word) it was freezing cold that no matter how many clothes I wear and how thick my jacket is --- I can still feel the cold ripping-thru my every bone....probably because I've never felt that cold before --- and hey, we don't have winter in the philippines :). Now, after almost 7 yrs, I'm not that "pathetic" (as what my hubby would say when he teases me) anymore and I can sort of "live with it" ---- I don't really feel so cold anymore -- but I still have to wear my sweaters and socks inside the house especially at night when it's the coldest.

Today is not different than any other winter days (that I had for a couple of years already) ....just kinda remember the first time :) funny when I think back, but what the heck, who doesnt feel this cold during winter anyway? --- my hubby probably! (he still doesnt wear his winter jacket when he goes to work) --- ok, we're probably both strange ---so, we match :)


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