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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Down with Sinusitis

Yes, I'm sick that's why I have not been "blogging" for the past couple of days --- I have this sinusitis attack (which the last time I had it was a long long time ago -- I can't even remember anymore --- and now it's back!).

It has been bothering me for days and last night I had to go to bed really early because the pain is killing me and the only thing I take is a paracetamol to somewhat ease the pain (and yes, I have not been to the doctor yet ---- I'm a busy mom and I still have kids to take care of. (Oh well, according to Mom's 10 Rules : "Moms cannot get sick for more than a day" :)--- ok that's just one of the rules --- see the rest of the rules).

And everytime I try to move my head (in any direction --left-right, up-down), my forehead feels like exploding anytime --- I can tolerate so much pain (guess my hubby knows that very well --- just think about how much pain I felt when I gave birth to my kids -- they are all normal delivery (w/o epidural, huh) the first one w/ a forcep and then the twins, one of them, w/ a vacuum --- so, talk about pain :) --- ok, long story but believe me, it was painful ---but worth it especially when I look at my kids now :)).

So, in short, I'm just plain sick.....but I feel a lot better now after my early sleep last night.


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