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Friday, December 24, 2004

It's Christmas Time!

It's almost christmas here in Holland but as I typed this, it's almost "Noche Buena" in the Philippines ("Noche Buena" literally means "good night" and traditionally refers to the Christmas meal after the midnight mass on Dec. 24. -- The food is served buffet style and then, family members exchange and open their gifts after eating together). Here, I still try to cook as many filipino foods as I can during christmas and make it special for the whole family and relatives who come to celebrate christmas with us.

Believe it or not, we have a 2nd christmas here in holland (they don't practice the eve of dec 24 --- The basic Filipino Christmas package is Christian, since the feast came with the Spanish conquest and Christianization. We borrowed customs from Spain -- the Belen, the nine Misas de Gallo or simbang gabi and very especially all the food of celebration) but I read that it's not only being practiced here but Germany, Scandinavia and Poland as well.

And because it's christmas, we have loads and loads of gifts --- for our family, relatives and friends ---- guess we will always play Santa every year :) ....Our kids are really enjoying all the gifts --- they feel pampered (from Sinterklaas until Chritmas) --- we don't really mind though.

I wish everyone a "Very Merry Christmas" and I also hope that It will be a happy one!


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