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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Memorable pictures of people, places and events......that of 2004!

2004 is indeed a very colorful year for me (and my family as well)...lots of things happened this year, whether nice or bad still, I can say that it has been a fun year and I'm looking forward to next year and the years after that.

2004 started "big-time" when my Ate (what we call older sister in the phils) visited us here in holland last february--I have not seen her for years (coz we were not able to visit phils. for so long now) ...she stayed with us for almost 3 months and it was definitely a lot of fun, we visited a lot of places --- which made it more unforgettable not only for me but for her as well.

Amsterdam --- our first stop!

Central station in Amsterdam in which during that time was still under construction....busy, busy..... Posted by Hello

Paris....The most romantic place I've ever been to ---who wouldn't wanna go here? I've been a couple of times to France but not exactly here but in Disneyland-Paris. It's an incredible place --- we were not able to climb the Eiffel Tower though bec the line was really really long --- there were a lot of people in-line so, we just took pictures and proceeded to other places that we still wanna see.

Me and my sweet hubby! behind is the famous Eiffel TowerPosted by Hello

what a nice place to pose with my daughter :) Posted by Hello

With my daughter,sister and aunt--behind us is an outdoor skating rink near Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Posted by Hello

Monaco ....... It was indeed a very magical place especially for the rich and famous. With it's very high cost of living and the only place I've seen (yet :)) with lots of Porche (and all the other expensive cars you can name) driving on the streets, and don't forget the yachts and the houses on the hills. It was an unbelievable vacation for us in an expensive hotel and a helicopter ride from monaco to nice -france airport......Talk about Royalty!

Monaco..isn't it a beautiful site? breathtaking, I would say! Posted by Hello

Behind us was the Hotel we stayed-in when we had our short vacation in Monaco. Posted by Hello

A fountain near the Casino in Monaco. Posted by Hello

father and daughter ----taking a dip. What a nice way to relax! Posted by Hello

Birthdays....I will never miss it in the world. We make sure that we make it a special's an important day especially for the celebrant(s).

My daughter's birthday in school --- she's now 6 yrs. old. Posted by Hello

her birthday celebration with friends at McDonalds Posted by Hello

Having fun on her birthday.... Posted by Hello

My twin daughters' birthday party at home...they turned 3 last october. Posted by Hello

Christmas....we celebrated our christmas at home but we first visited our friend and had lunch there because it's her birthday --- yes, on a christmas day. It was a lot of fun --- great food and we get to see our other good friends....a great lunch! (the pictures here are taken today though --- 2nd christmas day here in holland)

with my "tweeling" (twins) Posted by Hello

Papa with his 3 girls Posted by Hello

posing with my kids Posted by Hello

I guess I'm not gonna make any new year's resolution this time.....I've been blessed with a great husband, 3 wonderful kids and with everything I have today (may it be small or big), I am truly thankful --- I just wanna wish my family good health and that we all stay happy together.

Goodbye 2004 (or should I say "thank you") and ....Welcome 2005!


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