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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Moms' 10 Golden Rules

Rule no.1 : The kitchen is only for moms --- dads, keep out!
Rule no.2 : Moms feed the kid(s)...she's the only one allowed to make/cook food.
Rule no.3 : Moms shld. do all the shopping and groceries as well.
Rule no.4 : Moms shld. take care of the kids when at home and wherever you are.
Rule no. 5 : Moms shld. not only take care of the kids, but, pets as well.
Rule no. 6 : Moms the only one allowed to breastfeed the baby (you bet!).
Rule no. 7 : Moms shld. bring & pick-up their kids to school.
Rule no. 8 : Moms shld. help their kid(s) with their homeworks.
Rule no. 9 : Moms shld. attend to all school meetings, functions and activities.
Rule no.10: Moms are not allowed to be sick for more than one day. (guess you know now why :))

Moms are unique....a superwoman!

>>> Ok I just made up these rules for a laugh so, to all moms out there, dont freak out! --- although there might be some truth to these, we still have to thank all our hubby(ies) for their share(s) in keeping our family together (a happy one, to note :)) --- they do give their share (and love) don't they? -- :)

So, better not take these rules seriously!


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