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Friday, December 10, 2004

Shopping in Almere Stad

After bringing all our kids to their schools this morning, my hubby dropped me off at the winkel centrum (shopping center) in almere stad (which is less than 10 mins drive) before he goes to work so I can do some shopping (yes, who doesnt like shopping ...hehehe).

Found a lot of really nice xmas ornaments in the shops and I especially liked those blue ones (it's royal blue, i think). We already have that christmas atmosphere here in almere but I don't think this could ever compare to the hustle-and-bustle and the oh-what-so-busy malls and streets we have in the Philippines (which btw, I truly miss...). But then, it's still shopping time and I still have to pick-up the kids later on for lunch so, I have to buy the things i needed :)

I normally buy my kids' clothes at H&M coz they really have a nice clothing line for kids, not to mention that they are not that expensive --- the material is superb --- and I bought my 6-yr old daughter a skirt and a blouse (which almost fit me :) ) ..... it's simply adorable! (almost wanted one for myself). Next week, I'm gonna do shopping for xmas gifts --- something I really look forward to ...hehehe!

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