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Monday, December 06, 2004

Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet....

December 5 is Sinterklaas Feest (sinterklaas party) here in Holland. Sinterklaas is like Santa Claus --- the only thing is He comes from Spain. The kids receive gifts and they thought that they really got them from Sinterklaas. Zwarte Piet is the version of the, I guess you can see the similarities by now.

First, we had the Sinterklaas Party at my hubby's work and all kids from people employed there were invited. Singing, laughing, gifts, pepernoten(a sinterklaas cookie), zwarte piet and Sinterklaas ----- but that's not all, there was a clown to entertain the kids (to keep them glued to their sits :)) after Sinterklaas left and all the kids have already eaten their food. While Mr. Clown was busy entertaining the kids, we (parents and the rest) were busy with our own BBQ party......Yes, it was indeed a great day not only for the kids but for us as well. A breather for my hard working hubby and equally busy kids :)

And just like the tradition here in Holland, we celebrated Sinterklaas after a nice dinner with the whole hubby turned-off the lights (so the kids will not see it's him) and threw pepernoten in the living room --- the kids were then singing songs for sinterklaas and were totally excited when they saw the pepernoten. I asked them to pick-up the cookies first before opening the door ( so my hubby still have time to hide upstairs). As you can see on the pictures posted, they were really really happy with the gifts. I'm glad that my kids can appreciate just anything they receive --- whether it's expensive or not!

they all can't wait to open their can see how excited they are. Posted by Hello

They all like their gifts.... Posted by Hello

Our own party at home.. Posted by Hello

another sinterklaas picture of my kids.... Posted by Hello

my twins..... Posted by Hello

Sinterklaas party at my hubby's work. My eldest daughter w/ sinterklaas and zwarte piet. Posted by Hello


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