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Sunday, January 30, 2005


T hank G od I t's F riday --- reminds me of my usual hang-outs with my friends when I was still in the phils. -- but that was already a looonnnngg time ago and by the looks of it (watching TFC) nightlife has drastically change in the phils. (that....I have to see when I go there in April :)) a lot of new places and restaurants to go to and nice shops as well --- oh yeah, I miss the big malls there where you can find everything you need --- did I mentioned the many Comfort Rooms too -- yes, it's so comforting coz it's everywhere, guess it's one of women's vanity to go the CR often -- to either freshen-up or do your regular ritual ...yunno what i mean :) --- Holland is the complete opposite --- you have to scout for CR all the time (guess I can make separate topic about that).

Anyway, what I'm really trying to say here is that we make sure we go out on a friday coz that's normally the last day of work ("normally", I said ...... that is for people who works from Monday to Friday ---- contrary to me...and to some, who still have to work half-days on saturdays. Yes, we do work hard so we only deserve a night out :).

Zu, a basement club at the Shangri-La Hotel, Makati....a very memorable place for me and my hubby :)
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Hard Rock Cafe in of the many places I visit with my friends. Posted by Hello

Ok, going back to TGIF, though I don't really do that here in Holland anymore --- for obvious reasons that I have now kids and family to attend to ---- things have changed. I cannot live like how I used to --- as a single person. But then, we spend our time with our family and we make sure that we do something together with the kids......and It's always fun, we love going somewhere (if hubby is not so busy with work :)) and the kids love swimming and shopping (ok, more like playing around in the shop --- well, they do listen, mind you :)).

Last friday was a free day for my kids (they have what they call "studiedag" (trans: study day) for teachers so, it's a free day). I already arranged it with my good friend and we went there to visit them --- and yes, it's a friday and it's shopping time!

V&D ( was in big (really BIG) sale and I was in total loss ---- you can buy anything (that's in sale) for 1 or 2 euro --- some were even 0.50, that's what I call shopping -- hehehe :) ---It was nerve-cracking coz I dunno what to buy anymore (i have that when I see so much :)) ...I guess, it makes me tired looking and digging for things (when I said digging then that is a literal meaning :)). Anyway, I was still able to buy a couple of things for yunno "pasalubong" when I go to the phils.

We had a nice day (me and my hubby felt like it was saturday already :)) but most importantly, the kids had a great day as well --- they were so tired and they all slept in the car --- when we arrived home, they immediately went to bed.

Now, I would say,..... until next time then :)

Homemade "apple compote" muffins

Ingredients :

1 small jar of Apple compote (an apple sauce w/ big apple pieces)
180 g caster sugar
1 medium egg
75 g melted butter
225 g self-raising flour


>> Preheat oven to 180 deg.
>> Mix apple compote and sugar well.
>> Beat egg in, add melted butter, stir to combine.
>> Then add flour, stirring well until combined.
>> Spoon into paper muffin cups and bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until risen and golden brown.

Makes 6 large or 12 small muffins.


I made this muffin for my kids last thursday and they really liked's another healthy alternative to store-brought "sugary" cookies and muffins. You can even substitute apple compote to mashed bananas or any other fruits you like....

I always try to be creative with my cooking and baking....and yes, I never fail because my kids love everything I make ( or they just enjoy eating like every other kids :)).

Friday was another story......

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pictures taken by my SonyEricsson T630

Here are sample pictures taken by my phone ---- they look pretty good to me, what do you think?

It's me....who else :) Posted by Hello

My eldest daughter (who loves to pose --- all the time :)) Posted by Hello

Eldest of my twins.... Posted by Hello

and now the other one from my twins.... Posted by Hello

My twin daughters Posted by Hello

Picture taken in antwerp (with me at the background). Posted by Hello

Also from antwerp when we went there couple of days ago (with my hubby and kids). Posted by Hello

Friday, January 21, 2005

Hubby's site.....

Here is the link to my hubby's site (finally, I know :) ) ..... feel free to browse the pics.....have fun!

Of crimes and penal law in Holland

News courtesy of

Dutch Reject Prosecution Of Woman Who Drove Into Criminal

THE HAGUE, 21/1/05 - The Dutch population seems to have little sympathy with the decision by the Public Prosecutors' Office (OM) to prosecute the woman who drove a thief against a tree on Monday. The youth died as a result.

The OM wants to hold the woman in custody for now, charging her with manslaughter. She took an unacceptable risk by trying to cut off the 19-year-old Moroccan, an OM spokesman declared.

The Dutch apparently have little sympathy with the OM action. A poll held by TV and radio programme Standpunt showed yesterday that 84 percent of the respondents disagreed with the statement, 'prosecution of the robbed car driver is justified'.

The woman was arrested in Amsterdam on Monday after reversing into the Moroccan youth who had snatched her bag from her car seconds beforehand from his scooter. The boy was caught against a tree and died.

Only hours before the boy robbed the woman, he had appeared in court in connection with an armed raid on an Amsterdam shop. He had previously been convicted for another offence as well.

Integration Minister Rita Verdonk yesterday considered the boy would still be alive if he had not stolen the bag. She added however that she did not mean to cast a judgement on the case.

Independent MP Geert Wilders made it clear that he supports the woman wholeheartedly. "They are making a perpetatror a victim and vice versa. (...) This drives me crazy. (...) I say: deport all Moroccan criminals from the country."

Today, friends of the dead criminal will hold a silent procession in Amsterdam. On the tree where the boy died, a letter hung yesterday calling on the "brothers and sisters of Islam" to remember him in the name of Allah. ?

>>> Typical of Holland, I would say. The woman who "accidentally" killed (coz she was just trying to defend herself from that thief) is now being prosecuted for what she did when in fact she just killed a bad guy....tsk, tsk, tsk! Is it just me or isn't it that Holland's law is so bended on human rights and violations? --- too much rights! --- It's about time that they do something, right?

I was talking about this with my hubby and I just then remembered another incident that happened, a couple of months back, in AH (one of the grocery stores here in holland) when also some thief(ves) ran away from the store -- they were then chased by the good guys and when the thief(ves) were beaten up, the one who beat them up (and this is the good guy, just reminding you) were the one penalized --- what the heck, isn't that strange?

I rest my case! :)

Footnote :

Me and my hubby were talking about this because of the news about "Bebe Murder Case" -- a filipina killed by her dutch husband. Her body has been found and so they will begin the trial for the dutch guy ---- In my wild guess, he will just be sentenced to just a couple of years imprisonment (knowing the dutch law by now) --- It's not gonna be fair, I know ---- he should be tried in the Phils. instead.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My Hubby......

Ok, this is not about his sweetness, greatness and so on....that makes him such a good person ----neither to adore him ----- hehehe :).

It is about his work which I don't think I have already mentioned here ....he has a very interesting job coz he is not only a programmer (a very good one --- if you will ask him :)) for TV game shows here in the Netherlands (as well as countries like Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Tunesia, Spain, Mexico, etc) he's also doing all the controls (of the software he programmed) in the studio --- may it be a recorded ones or those live ones ....Yes, he's doing shows like Bankgeheim, Pop Quiz, That's the question, Mes op tafel, Pappenheimers and a lot lot more including those call TV's --- and yes, he's got a pretty hectic schedule and I would rather not divulge much on the times he's working outside Holland ---- I would never get used to it if you ask me and it does bother me sometimes but at times, it's not that bad coz he's not so often long gone and he would constantly call me (sometimes even just to hear my voice --- sweet huh :) ).

But I would honestly say that I do envy him coz he gets to travel around ---- which I used to do when I was still working in the Phils. --- He can take me along too but our kids are still young so, we have to wait some more.....

here are some of his pics....I will post his site next time (promise :)) --- so, you can see a lot more.

During the recording of "De winnaar van de week" the guy in suit is the host of the show. Posted by Hello

A studio shot of one of those call games outside Holland. Posted by Hello

One of the many places he's been for his work -- this one is in Cracow, Poland. Posted by Hello

Sunday, January 16, 2005

And off to Antwerp (Belgium)

We went to Antwerp yesterday with our good friends (yes, together with our batallion of kids :))

We left early (like 7am) so we can avoid the busy parking lots and of course...the busy shoppers :) ---- it was freezing cold ( -2deg) and as usual, I was not prepared for the cold expecting that it was a shopping mall like that in the Philippines ---- yes, there was a little mis-communication there (my hubby kept on teasing me though :)) --- we were already thinking that we can't shop so long with all our kids in this weather, my eldest daughter was already complaining about her cold feet (I could imagine how she felt coz I had that too --- my socks are pretty thin as well so, I can really feel the cold sipping-inside my shoes)

I should have known that it's always an open shopping here and in the rest of europe :) So, to those who are not familiar to Antwerp --- "Antwerp has various shopping areas and centres situated in the many pedestrian streets and precincts. One of the largest shopping centres in Europe and is also known for its open markets such as the Bird Market and the Antique Market."

It's still winter sale here and we went shopping crazy --- just seeing those known (branded stores --- like Benetton, Mango, Esprit and so on) with a sale of up to 70%. Yes, they are affordable (meaning, I would not feel so guilty buying them coz they are now priced the same as the "not" branded ones --- better yet, even cheaper) -- I was able to buy enough for my new wardrobe :).

My friend and I should thank our "better-half" for being generous (well, yunno what I mean :)) and yes, for being so patient (especially when we're busy digging on those sale items --- ok, not literally digging :) --- they are hanging nicely though) and for just being with us and our kids --- out there in the freezing cold antwerp :) --- in fairness, the weather became better eventually around lunch time (6deg) so, it was then perfect for shopping.

Long day....even longer for my dear friend coz I heard from my hubby that they stayed longer there --- You bet, she can't leave the winter sale :)....maybe a summer sale next time :).

All five kids with us shopping ..... well, they were pretty behaved, I would say :) --- my 3 kids are the ones in the middle and the other 2 are my dear friend's kids. Posted by Hello

Our "better-half" now, should I say more...they seem to like shopping with us, don't they :) Posted by Hello

My dear, dear friend.....she can't still believe she's out for shopping surprises --- and it shows from her smiles :) Posted by Hello

Our family picture ---- just ignore the old man passing by (behind us :))
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My friend's kids at the big stone-hand (sorry, but I dunno if it's got a name or so) Posted by Hello

My sweet hubby -- taking a break from all our (or shld I say "my" :)) shopping --- and look at the backgound --- you can see that it's getting busy with shoppers.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Fashion Trends for 2005

Here's the latest Fashion for 2005 an Editor's Pick according to Helen Cole (MSN Shopping) :

If a shark stops swimming it sinks to the bottom of the sea. Designers live by similar rules. If they stop updating the way we look, they'll disappear. Yesterday's fashions are in the thrift stores but, so are tomorrow's. Timing is everything. Emily Cole checks her watch and calls out the top trends for the new year.
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National Velvet
Good news. The original feel-good fabric is making a strong showing in the jacket department. In rich Edwardian hues or midnight black like this gorgeous feather-trimmed Teri Jon jacket at Neiman Marcus , it's back on its way to becoming a wardrobe staple. Slip it on over a cute cami or a shimmery silk blouse for maximum effect.
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Take the Wrap
Given the current popularity of the poncho, it was inevitable that we'd see the comeback of the shawl. Personally, I think it's a much more flattering way to go. It's hard to beat the soft drape of this exquisite Himalayan pashmina and silk offering from NOVICA and it's much more versatile than a poncho. Wear it like a stole, a sarong or in the ultra chic noose wrap.
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Charm School
Charm bracelets have been around forever of course, but lately they've started showing up on celebrities as often as botox smiles. Now it's the "it" accessory of the season. I love this one from Lillian Vernon because you can make it an instant keepsake with 10 of your favorite photos. Add new charms along the way from places your travels take you and you'll be creating a link of happy memories that's always at hand.
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Metro Retro
Here's a bona fide fashion flashback. A shrug is really sort of an undersized cape and it's meant to be layered over your favorite little cocktail dress or an uptown gown; something like your great grandmother's stole, but much less bulky. This stunning one by Donna Karan at Neiman Marcus is made from glossy black rabbit fur and reverses to a gorgeous suede.
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Looking Sheepish
Ubiquitous in the 70s, shearling style is wild and wooly all over again. You'll find it in everything from coats to boots to hats, so it only makes sense to offer a bag to match. Target's tote may be 100% faux, but you'd never guess to look at it. Roomy, sturdy and utterly à la mode, it makes it easy to shoulder your way to the front of the fashion flock.


Kids...teenagers...young ones (and once:)) Posted by Hello

What's Hot, What's Not!

It's a brand new year and you know what that means - new fashion trends! You definitely don't want to be caught wearing last year's styles, so read on for the fashion 411 and look hot, hot, hot this year!

What's Hot!

1. Tweed Jackets - Tweed is one of the hottest fabrics, and although it comes in everything from skirts to hats, the must-have item is the fitted blazer. It's making a strong showing in all colors, from earthy tones to pastel hues. Try wearing them with jeans to dress up a casual outfit.

2. Cuffed Jeans - Cropped jeans were an essential item last season, but now, cuffs are all the rage! You can't pull off this look with flared or baggy jeans, so throw on a pair of skinny jeans and fold the legs a couple of times to make chunky cuffs.

3. Wellington Boots - Remember those ugly rubber boots that your 'rents made you wear on rainy days? Well, now they're totally hot! Wellies have turned bright and colorful, so don't wait for a rainy day - wear 'em now!

4. Pencil Skirts - Pencil skirts, in mini or knee lengths, are fitted and ultra-girly. They're best worn with your round-toe ballet shoes, but try pairing them with Wellies for a funky look.

5. Tote Bags - Sure, every girl likes tiny designer purses, but large totes are practical and roomy enough to carry all your essential items, from your make-up bag to your MP3 player.

What's Not !

1. Dirty Denim - It's official: the grungy look is out. Following hot on the heels of the urban prep trend are clean-cut denims, which are totally cool for school.

2. Track Suits - It used to be stylish to dress down and look like you were hitting the gym when you were actually hitting the mall with your gal pals. Now it's not, so only wear your track suits when you go exercise.

3. Ugg Boots - Uggs are cool, especially when they're paired with jeans or a mini, but these boots are seeing their last days. Everywhere you look, girls are stepping out in Uggs and wearing them out, which is why they're not as trendy as they used to be.

4. Frilly Minis - Just like Uggs, the frilly miniskirt is another sweet style that's been exhausted. But since these minis are still so cute, put them away in your closet and save them for when the weather gets warmer.

5. Trucker Hats - To all the girls who're still sporting trucker hats: they went out of style months ago! Throw these silly hats away and put on a newsboy cap or a beanie instead.

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