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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Logeren (sleep-over)

I've been allowing my eldest daughter to sleep at somebody else's house?

yes, and I don't really mind --- coz if it's not a sleep-over at my in-laws', it will be at my friends' house (good friends, I should say :)) --- the fact that my daughter likes it, a different environment is also an added bonus for her to start learning other things and be independent as well ( BTW, she is already very good at helping me with her sisters and at home --- proper upbringing helps).

Since she has been sleeping-over for a couple of times already (only during one of those vacations in school), one of the daughters of my very dear friend is sleeping-over here with us this time. Not actually planned (which me and my hubby doesn't really mind at all) and yes, it's amazingly enjoyable not only for my eldest daughter but to my twins as well --- they will often go upstairs (my daughter's room) and would play there (and I don't even hear them fighting --- good heavens :)) --- I just have to remind them once in a while to tone down their voices (especially when things are getting exciting upstairs ) and they would comply without any hesitation at all :).

You probably think I have some quiet time alone when they are playing upstairs......ehemmmmm, think again :) --- I'm also upstairs with them most of the time ---- checking them? naahhh, doing the laundry and other things to clean-up :)

My daughter with her friend (mind you, they have been friends since they were still babies ---- yes, that long already :)) --- hope her mom doesn't mind me posting the pic of her kid ---- groetjes bespwend :) Posted by Hello


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