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Friday, January 21, 2005

Of crimes and penal law in Holland

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Dutch Reject Prosecution Of Woman Who Drove Into Criminal

THE HAGUE, 21/1/05 - The Dutch population seems to have little sympathy with the decision by the Public Prosecutors' Office (OM) to prosecute the woman who drove a thief against a tree on Monday. The youth died as a result.

The OM wants to hold the woman in custody for now, charging her with manslaughter. She took an unacceptable risk by trying to cut off the 19-year-old Moroccan, an OM spokesman declared.

The Dutch apparently have little sympathy with the OM action. A poll held by TV and radio programme Standpunt showed yesterday that 84 percent of the respondents disagreed with the statement, 'prosecution of the robbed car driver is justified'.

The woman was arrested in Amsterdam on Monday after reversing into the Moroccan youth who had snatched her bag from her car seconds beforehand from his scooter. The boy was caught against a tree and died.

Only hours before the boy robbed the woman, he had appeared in court in connection with an armed raid on an Amsterdam shop. He had previously been convicted for another offence as well.

Integration Minister Rita Verdonk yesterday considered the boy would still be alive if he had not stolen the bag. She added however that she did not mean to cast a judgement on the case.

Independent MP Geert Wilders made it clear that he supports the woman wholeheartedly. "They are making a perpetatror a victim and vice versa. (...) This drives me crazy. (...) I say: deport all Moroccan criminals from the country."

Today, friends of the dead criminal will hold a silent procession in Amsterdam. On the tree where the boy died, a letter hung yesterday calling on the "brothers and sisters of Islam" to remember him in the name of Allah. ?

>>> Typical of Holland, I would say. The woman who "accidentally" killed (coz she was just trying to defend herself from that thief) is now being prosecuted for what she did when in fact she just killed a bad guy....tsk, tsk, tsk! Is it just me or isn't it that Holland's law is so bended on human rights and violations? --- too much rights! --- It's about time that they do something, right?

I was talking about this with my hubby and I just then remembered another incident that happened, a couple of months back, in AH (one of the grocery stores here in holland) when also some thief(ves) ran away from the store -- they were then chased by the good guys and when the thief(ves) were beaten up, the one who beat them up (and this is the good guy, just reminding you) were the one penalized --- what the heck, isn't that strange?

I rest my case! :)

Footnote :

Me and my hubby were talking about this because of the news about "Bebe Murder Case" -- a filipina killed by her dutch husband. Her body has been found and so they will begin the trial for the dutch guy ---- In my wild guess, he will just be sentenced to just a couple of years imprisonment (knowing the dutch law by now) --- It's not gonna be fair, I know ---- he should be tried in the Phils. instead.


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