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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Studio work.....

It's sunday and yes my hubby has to be in the studio to help his colleague in building-up for the recordings today. He doesn't have to stay the whole day (night ---- thank heavens! :)) so, he brought our eldest daughter with him to the studio (which is not actually her first time coz she's been with her papa before --- during the recording of one of the game shows in Belgium, which is the "Pappenheimers").

She always enjoys it everytime she has the opportunity to tag-along with her papa, like today. She's always sweet and she listens very well so she's not really a problem. People in the studio are really amazed how behave she can be and they can't believe that a 6 year old kid can be so sweet, she's such a doll --- and we're simply proud of her!

This is how the studio looks like without the special lightings we see on TV. Posted by Hello

and this is how it looks like when the lights are all "on" --- really a lot of difference huh. Posted by Hello

these are the desks that the contestants use ---- my little girl looks so small there though :) Posted by Hello

it's amazing what those lights can do, isn't it? Posted by Hello

this is the vault that they use in the game show --- there are actually 5 of them --- the money is hidden in one of those vaults. Posted by Hello

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mumble jumble!

What's new? well, there's actually nothing new...just wanna mumble jumble :) aside from snowing (a little) yesterday and today, there's nothing much to do coz I don't feel like going out anyway in this kind of weather. Good thing that the kids doesn't really mind staying inside the house --- can't wait 'till it's summer so they can play more outside and it's much easier to go somewhere ( less clothes, isn't it? :)).

I feel gloomy, blue, tired and sleepy at the same time --- in short, it sucks! :). I don't really know why (if you ask me) must be the weather ----- ok, blame it on something, right? ----( I could imagine my hubby saying "ok, it's complaining time again" :))'s simply what I feel right now.

Alright, I don't make sense at all I know...guess it's just one of those days ---I just probably need more sleep coz I always have a sleeping problem. It really takes me a long time to finally doze to sleep (even tried counting the sheep, mind you! still doesn't work :)) maybe, I need to have a new "Philip Stein Teslar watch" see, according to it : Philip Stein Teslar Watch, the hottest must-have item in town, is a brand of exquisite timepieces that shall amaze the public with its proven curative effects. This new age watch does more than tell time — it has a special chip that protects the body from the health hazards of ever-present electromagnetic fields given off by cellular phones, computers and other electronic devices.

Among other existing brands in the market, only Philip Stein has a copper-covered chip that gives the wearer the noticeable benefits of the cutting-edge Teslar technology such as deeper, more restful sleep, improved concentrations, calmness on normally stressful situations, and an overall improvement on well-being.

The Teslar chip is a brainchild of Ilonka Harezi and the late Dr. Andrija Puharich after years of thorough research on extremely low electromagnetic fields. Its effects have been independently tested and verified by various researchers abroad.

The Philip Stein Teslar Watch collection includes eight elegant watches and two impressive bracelets that incorporate the healing technology of the Teslar chip. They come in a wide selection of design that truly fits meticulous fashion sense.

The only thing is, it cost almost $1,600 coz it's got real diamonds....whew! what an expensive watch.....better count the sheeps!

You can also check their site :

Here's one of their collections this one --- really nice watch. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 21, 2005

on Vacation.....

My kids had a week-long vacation from school last week (and so was I --- with blogging, that is :)), but we just stayed at home for the reasons that the weather is terrible (cold, cloudy, misty and raining --- bleh!!) and my hubby was pretty busy with work as well (what's new :)).

Anyway, it was my friend's birthday party yesterday and we went there.....we really had a nice time and my other friend(who looks like she's gonna give birth anytime now) was also there together with her husband and kid.

The foods were excellent (filipino foods syempre ..... I simply adore the fish! --- fish is pretty expensive here in holland huh --- they probably use gold as bait ....hehehe!) ....I really miss fish dishes back home....good thing Im off to the phils. soon ---- I miss my lola's (grandmother) cooking.

Well, Im gonna start working with this blog now (enough vacation :)) so, here are our new pics.... enjoy!

My kids playing in one of the rooms last saturday....they asked me if they can play upstairs and I found them singing and dancing :) Posted by Hello

my eldest daughter with her mouse ---- she wants me to take her picture only if the mouse is gonna be on the pic too :) Posted by Hello

me and my good friend who just celebrated her bday.....hope she liked our present :) Posted by Hello

another pic of the two of us....this time in their living room. Posted by Hello

one of my twins and my friend's youngest daughter. Posted by Hello

My twins with my friend's youngest daughter ....they really liked it yesterday and they cant wait to go back there and play :) Posted by Hello

all five kids this time....we were almost going home and it was pretty late too --- but you can see that the kids are still pretty much awake...wait till we go home :) Posted by Hello

my hubby..... driving home! Posted by Hello

Now, see what I mean? --- they were out and in dreamland when we drove home yesterday ---- hahaha, nice pic he :) Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I just received some pictures from my other filipina friend here in from Apo Hiking's Concert last year (the very first concert held here in Holland ---- ok, it was entertaining though and interesting to note too how many filipinos were present there :) and pics from my friend's birthday (the one we attended during 1st christmas --- see archive : Memorable pictures of people, places and events......that of 2004!)

The Apo Hiking Society (who else do you think? :) ---getting pretty old huh, but I find boboy still as bubbly as ever --- promise! :))
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The girls at the Apo Concert (Angelique Lazo, Nanette Inventor and Geneva Cruz)
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Tres Marias!...yes, that's us --- cute namin 'no? :) ---- with me are 2 great friends I have here in holland.
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The kids during my friend's bday last christmas.
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another picture of the kids.....the smallest kid in the middle is my friend's kid (she's pregnant now and hopefully gonna givebirth soon --- congrats in advance!)
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Our pic minus the bday celebrant (who's taking this picture, btw :)) --- her husband sits opposite me and beside him is his mom (the one in pink -- so, she's her mother-in-law, just in case you still dont get it ....hahaha)
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'Don't forget your ID!'

The Dutch adjust to compulsory identification

As of 1 January this year, all residents of the Netherlands aged 14 and above are required to be able to show ID when requested. That's a problem for those who've yet to avail themselves of a valid form of identification. A cash or library card won't do, but a passport, driving licence or special ID card will.

The lower age limit has been set at 14. A very good move, because it's youths aged between 14 and 16 who cause a relatively large amount of trouble, such as vandalism. Now they won't be able to try and remain anonymous. Once we know exactly who they are, they'll think twice before they start causing trouble again. Ultimately, it will get safer, and the nuisance level will decrease.

A passport will do... or a driving licence, identity card and, for non-Dutch inhabitants, a residence permit
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>>> OK, whether this is a good or bad move, make sure that you bring your ID anywhere you go .....