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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mumble jumble!

What's new? well, there's actually nothing new...just wanna mumble jumble :) aside from snowing (a little) yesterday and today, there's nothing much to do coz I don't feel like going out anyway in this kind of weather. Good thing that the kids doesn't really mind staying inside the house --- can't wait 'till it's summer so they can play more outside and it's much easier to go somewhere ( less clothes, isn't it? :)).

I feel gloomy, blue, tired and sleepy at the same time --- in short, it sucks! :). I don't really know why (if you ask me) must be the weather ----- ok, blame it on something, right? ----( I could imagine my hubby saying "ok, it's complaining time again" :))'s simply what I feel right now.

Alright, I don't make sense at all I know...guess it's just one of those days ---I just probably need more sleep coz I always have a sleeping problem. It really takes me a long time to finally doze to sleep (even tried counting the sheep, mind you! still doesn't work :)) maybe, I need to have a new "Philip Stein Teslar watch" see, according to it : Philip Stein Teslar Watch, the hottest must-have item in town, is a brand of exquisite timepieces that shall amaze the public with its proven curative effects. This new age watch does more than tell time — it has a special chip that protects the body from the health hazards of ever-present electromagnetic fields given off by cellular phones, computers and other electronic devices.

Among other existing brands in the market, only Philip Stein has a copper-covered chip that gives the wearer the noticeable benefits of the cutting-edge Teslar technology such as deeper, more restful sleep, improved concentrations, calmness on normally stressful situations, and an overall improvement on well-being.

The Teslar chip is a brainchild of Ilonka Harezi and the late Dr. Andrija Puharich after years of thorough research on extremely low electromagnetic fields. Its effects have been independently tested and verified by various researchers abroad.

The Philip Stein Teslar Watch collection includes eight elegant watches and two impressive bracelets that incorporate the healing technology of the Teslar chip. They come in a wide selection of design that truly fits meticulous fashion sense.

The only thing is, it cost almost $1,600 coz it's got real diamonds....whew! what an expensive watch.....better count the sheeps!

You can also check their site :

Here's one of their collections this one --- really nice watch. Posted by Hello


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