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Monday, February 21, 2005

on Vacation.....

My kids had a week-long vacation from school last week (and so was I --- with blogging, that is :)), but we just stayed at home for the reasons that the weather is terrible (cold, cloudy, misty and raining --- bleh!!) and my hubby was pretty busy with work as well (what's new :)).

Anyway, it was my friend's birthday party yesterday and we went there.....we really had a nice time and my other friend(who looks like she's gonna give birth anytime now) was also there together with her husband and kid.

The foods were excellent (filipino foods syempre ..... I simply adore the fish! --- fish is pretty expensive here in holland huh --- they probably use gold as bait ....hehehe!) ....I really miss fish dishes back home....good thing Im off to the phils. soon ---- I miss my lola's (grandmother) cooking.

Well, Im gonna start working with this blog now (enough vacation :)) so, here are our new pics.... enjoy!

My kids playing in one of the rooms last saturday....they asked me if they can play upstairs and I found them singing and dancing :) Posted by Hello

my eldest daughter with her mouse ---- she wants me to take her picture only if the mouse is gonna be on the pic too :) Posted by Hello

me and my good friend who just celebrated her bday.....hope she liked our present :) Posted by Hello

another pic of the two of us....this time in their living room. Posted by Hello

one of my twins and my friend's youngest daughter. Posted by Hello

My twins with my friend's youngest daughter ....they really liked it yesterday and they cant wait to go back there and play :) Posted by Hello

all five kids this time....we were almost going home and it was pretty late too --- but you can see that the kids are still pretty much awake...wait till we go home :) Posted by Hello

my hubby..... driving home! Posted by Hello

Now, see what I mean? --- they were out and in dreamland when we drove home yesterday ---- hahaha, nice pic he :) Posted by Hello


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