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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I just received some pictures from my other filipina friend here in from Apo Hiking's Concert last year (the very first concert held here in Holland ---- ok, it was entertaining though and interesting to note too how many filipinos were present there :) and pics from my friend's birthday (the one we attended during 1st christmas --- see archive : Memorable pictures of people, places and events......that of 2004!)

The Apo Hiking Society (who else do you think? :) ---getting pretty old huh, but I find boboy still as bubbly as ever --- promise! :))
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The girls at the Apo Concert (Angelique Lazo, Nanette Inventor and Geneva Cruz)
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Tres Marias!...yes, that's us --- cute namin 'no? :) ---- with me are 2 great friends I have here in holland.
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The kids during my friend's bday last christmas.
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another picture of the kids.....the smallest kid in the middle is my friend's kid (she's pregnant now and hopefully gonna givebirth soon --- congrats in advance!)
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Our pic minus the bday celebrant (who's taking this picture, btw :)) --- her husband sits opposite me and beside him is his mom (the one in pink -- so, she's her mother-in-law, just in case you still dont get it ....hahaha)
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