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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Studio work.....

It's sunday and yes my hubby has to be in the studio to help his colleague in building-up for the recordings today. He doesn't have to stay the whole day (night ---- thank heavens! :)) so, he brought our eldest daughter with him to the studio (which is not actually her first time coz she's been with her papa before --- during the recording of one of the game shows in Belgium, which is the "Pappenheimers").

She always enjoys it everytime she has the opportunity to tag-along with her papa, like today. She's always sweet and she listens very well so she's not really a problem. People in the studio are really amazed how behave she can be and they can't believe that a 6 year old kid can be so sweet, she's such a doll --- and we're simply proud of her!

This is how the studio looks like without the special lightings we see on TV. Posted by Hello

and this is how it looks like when the lights are all "on" --- really a lot of difference huh. Posted by Hello

these are the desks that the contestants use ---- my little girl looks so small there though :) Posted by Hello

it's amazing what those lights can do, isn't it? Posted by Hello

this is the vault that they use in the game show --- there are actually 5 of them --- the money is hidden in one of those vaults. Posted by Hello


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