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Thursday, March 17, 2005

It's getting closer now...

Our vacation in the Phils. is definitely getting nearer everyday and I can't help but simply feel nostalgic because I will be seeing my family (and friends as well :)) again after 5 long years (the closer it gets, the more frantic I get --- devoting more on how much pasalubongs (gifts) I already have and if I did not forget anything --- ok, it's still more than a month before I go there but I just wanna make sure that I have everything I need to bring).

Yes, it's been that long and I can't imagine how everyone looks like my nephew (the only one) and my (8) nieces are surely all grown-up, I can hardly recall the last time I saw them (yes, it was during our wedding in the Phils.). I surely miss everyone and so I looked for pics and I'm posting some of them which were taken before I finally go to Holland (for the first time and it's been 7 yrs ago)....just pardon me for the quality of pics bec these are real pics I took with my digicam.

Me and my hubby --- 7 yrs back >>> surely changed a lot, huh. Posted by Hello

My ever loving Mom and Dad, can't wait to finally see them :) Posted by Hello

With my mom --- we're definitely alike in so many things, we love clothes and make-up(s), yes, we both cannot leave the house without looking good and all made-up ---- even if we're just going to the market or just hanging around the house's been our ritual --- and yes, we are vain, vanity rules! :) .... Posted by Hello

and my dad....he likes wearing polo shirts with a front pocket, why? coz he always put his (too old...ancient rather :)) driver's license there with some old pics of us and some other impt. papers that he'd rather keep.....that's typical of my dad :) Posted by Hello

our last christmas in the Phils before leaving for Holland (for good ----and you bet, I did make the right choice :)). Posted by Hello

Me with one of my nieces --- she's still a baby here, she's 7 yrs old time flies huh. Posted by Hello

this picture was taken at the Enchented Kingdom in Sta. Rosa. Posted by Hello


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