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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Shoarma ala mexicana

Wanna spice-up your usual shoarma?

Here's a simple (very, very simple:)) recipe which I made myself to make shoarma-marinated meat interesting --- an alternative to your usual shoarma.

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Ingredients :

1 cup Shoarma meat (ready-made or you can also use a shoarma mix on pork cutlets)
1 1/2 cup Mexican vegetable mix
(see frozen section of the grocery stores or substitute with vegetable like kidney beans, string beans, red& yellow bell pepper and corn)
1 pc Egg (scrambled)
salt & pepper to taste

Procedure :

>> Fry shoarma meat until a little brown and then mix vegetables. Cook over medium fire and add egg last.
>> Season with salt and pepper.
>> Serve hot over rice.


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