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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Swimming pictures....

As promised, here are my daughter's first swimming lesson pictures....She really enjoyed it and she's looking forward to her next swimming lesson and the rest!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Swimming Time

I just got a call for my daughter's swimming lesson....finally!

You see here in Holland, kids from 4 yrs. of age can take swimming lessons and they get Diploma(s) once they pass it.... The only problem here in our place is the long waiting list for kids who wanted to take swimming lessons --- I have already enlisted my daughter a year ago and it is only now that they were able to find a spot for her ( guess, i soon have to get my twins enlisted as well, they will turn 4 soon :)) and this coming friday, she will be starting on her swimming lesson ---- wow! she is truly delighted and she can't wait'till friday.

I will be posting her pictures in the weekend.....bye bye for now!

For all my friends who often visit my site, pardon me for not updating this --- it's for a simple reason that I'm busy with my Phils.' trip and definitely overwhelmed that it's less than 2 weeks now ---I'm finally going to the Phils.!

I can't explain what I feel right now, probably because my father is sick and I really wanna be there as soon as possible to comfort him ---- he just got out of the hospital after being confined there for a couple of days and is now recuperating at home ---- but just like what my hubby says, everything is gonna be well when he finally see us ---- I hope and I pray for that.