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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Singapore, here we come!!!

The agony of long wait and uncertainties is finally over, Yes! we're moving to singapore.

At the end of last year, my hubby got a very interesting "offer" that was too hard to resist. We have talked about it a thousand times and asked a lot of opinions from our relatives and friends about the idea of migrating to SG before we agreed to accept the "offer" early this year. There are a lot of things to consider but just like most people say, "it's an opportunity of a lifetime" and most importantly, we both believe that opportunity "knocks" only once. It will only be the best for us and our kids we are an "international" family anyway :)). Our kids love it and they wanted to move immediately...hopefully, it will be soon! We will be looking for our new home soon and not to forget, schools for our kids. We're really looking forward to moving in SG. What's even nicer is, I can start working again (whew! after 8 long years of being stagnant :)) the kids are now bigger so I can start kicking my butt to work again hahaha, Hey, it's been a long time and I really wanted to work again -- think about "talent and expertise".

Our papers are now being processed and we just have to settle everything here in Holland first. Next time, you will see me blogging in SG!

I will be posting our pictures when we're finally there.